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Sundry & Souvenirs

From our favourite Mr Plod the Policeman Money Box to the knucklebones this is where you will find that something that you looked for and couldn't find.

These are guaranteed to bring the hours of enjoyment.

Model No 96 Dolls Furniture Bath

$20.00 NZD

Model No 97 Dolls Furniture Basin

$25.00 NZD

Model No 98 Dolls Furniture Kelvinator

$20.00 NZD

Model No 98a Dolls Furniture Toilet

$25.00 NZD

Model No 99 Dolls Furniture Stove

$20.00 NZD

Model No 100 Dolls Furniture Table

$20.00 NZD

Model No 107 Policeman Money Box

$57.00 NZD

Model No 163 Train Engine and Tender

$138.00 NZD

Model No 165 Train Guards Van

$64.00 NZD

Model No 101 Dolls Furniture Chair

$17.00 NZD

Model No 207 Stop Sign

$17.00 NZD

Model No 316 Sandpit Spade

$20.00 NZD

Model No 900 Patio Trowel

$18.00 NZD

Model No 901 Patio Fork

$18.00 NZD

Model No 902 Knucklebones

$9.00 NZD

Model No 905 Planting Trowel

$21.00 NZD

Collectors Reference

$16.00 NZD

Fun Ho! Tea Spoon (Pendant)

$8.50 NZD

Model No 164 Train Carriage

$64.00 NZD

Model No 208 Men Working Ahead Sign

$18.00 NZD

Model No 210 Bend Sign

$15.00 NZD

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