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Cast Aluminium Toy Transfers and Stickers

The decals on the mixed picture were used sometimes for one or two models only, while others were for general use right down through the years.

Transfers generally became dearer and in the 1970s there was a move to replace them with the cheaper and easier to use adhesive stickers of the same design.

However, some transfers were held in such quantities that they were still being used in the 1980s.

The "yellow cloud," with the words Fun Ho! in black letters was both a transfer and a sticker, and was used very extensively along with the "trade mark."

Headlights were originally painted on by hand, but a range with about ten different diameters were put into use quite early on - some transfers and some stickers.

Eleven New Zealand cities were named as destinations for the Large Bus. Most of the large scale toys had a "heavy" number plate, while cars and the like wore a "light" number plate as was required in those days.

The Ford radiator, with the large extended orange side lights, was re-modelled as the side lights would come unstuck, being wrapped around the corner. So these were shortened.

Number discs were used on racing cars, and the N.Z.R. was used on rolling stock.

A number of specially designed larger decals were made for the larger Fun Ho! Toys, tankers being a case in point. There were some happy arrangements made with some fuel suppliers like Atlantic, Mobil, and Caltex.

With the Giant series and the 800 Sandpit series, special decals were also made with shapes and colours to suit the actual toy.

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