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Tiger Toys - Farm Implements

Rollers and Discs
There were three distinct variations, and also a modification to the drawbar. Though it kept the similar design, one was sandcast and the second was gravity die-cast. This latter can be identified by the ejection pin marks on the flat edge of the drawbar frames. In all cases, a hole was left in the middle rear of each drawbar frame, presumably to accommodate either discs or harrows.

The earliest roller consisted of twelve separate rollers on the axle. The next variation had one long roller with the twelve necessary ridges moulded in it. The third type was due to the roller being gravity die-cast, a similar shape and arrangement of the second one.

The drawbar frame for the discs was the same as for the Roller and the same two variations apply.


There were six dished discs on steel clips, spring-loaded to each drawbar extremity, each drawbar having twelve discs. The rear middle hole could readily accept another similar gang of discs, giving a "tandem" effect, since each gang could be fixed independently, and directionally at an oblique angle to the one in front. The discs were of cast aluminium or made of sheet steel, blanked and suitably dished, and the whole unit was most effective in sand or light soil!


Tine Harrows
Two cast aluminium frames were joined side by side to a drawbar. This was simple, realistic and functional.

Three Furrow Ploughs
Three castings were bolted together, with two 1 3/4" diameter rubber wheels mounted on movable lift levers.


The rear wheel was 1" in diameter, at the end of a trailing wire axle. The drawbar was made of bent wire.


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